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3 Main Store Lots Available @ The Wash!


Regular Prices for lots….

Lot 1
Prims: 1230

Lot 2
Prims: 939

Lot 3
Prims: 1173

But I have A deal till Monday!!  Instead of 1.5ls per prim your rent will be 1ls a prim!!! so the prim count will be your rent!

For main stores only!


Grave Robbing Finds


It’s the countdown to Halloween and almost the end of the Grave Robbing Hunt down at The Washes and Car Wash! If you haven’t been down to take part of a the 2 sim-wide hunt that includes 15 designers, you are seriously missing out.

While I was doing my own digging, look what I snagged for myself!!

Cute right?
The bangles are from A-Bomb and the Cora capri/sweater set is from HellBop.
Now don’t you worry guys, there are things for you too!! Actually, I found a guys and gals gift down at HellBop!

Ok… now you need to hurry up because time is running out. Grab your shovel and hitch a ride…
Car Wash
The Wash

The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – Ingenue


I can’t believe that tomorrow is the LAST DAY of The Washes’ Cart Sale!! Seriously, it feels like it went by way tooo fast!!!

If you haven’t been, this is your last chance… you might want to get down to the sale NOW before it’s too late!!!

Before the sale is over, I am making last rounds – checking out carts again to make sure I haven’t missed anything. There is just soooo much, a second look is definitely necessary. I don’t want to find out later that I missed something truly fabulous. And for items being just 10L or less… And… some vendors sharing exclusive items…. yeah, better check it out again to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Speaking of which, I finally made my way to the Ingenue cart and OMG! I picked up the Pivoine skirt and Esther suit immediately.

I paired the skirt up with a simple tank top and the suit is perfect as is…. These are two incredible finds! The Ingenue cart has a bunch of other goodies, too… Make sure that you stop by before it’s too late!!

With all the amazing vendors, I didn’t get a chance to post everything that was incredible, but believe me… there are some AMAZING vendors and incredible finds. Don’t miss out… get down there before the best cart of Second Life is over!!!


~ kel

B&G Shoes @ Car Wash


This weeks highlighted store is B&G shoes located on the Car Wash sim.  They have  really nice mens and womens shoes, boots and suglasses that are very reasonably priced and well made.  The pair of shoes I bought are called Selena and have the prim feet so we don’t have to show our ugly pixel feet anymore.   Until shoes with prim feet came out, I wouldnt wear sandles or shoes with open toes.  I think these shoes are awesome.



Look at those pretty feet!

These shoes can be controlled with a HUD for these features:

– Bling on/off
– Resize
– Color change for the skin
– Color change for nails
– Heels sound on/off
– Select heels sound type
– Select heels sound volume

They come in 8 different colors and sell for only 350L.  Definately a must have.  Your limo awaits

A-Bomb @ The Wash

Hey everyone.  This weeks highlighted store is A-Bomb located on The Wash.  Here you will find lots of cute, stylish and reasonably priced clothing and shoes.  I seem to have an addiction to buying things with skulls on them, so when I saw this tank and jeans I had to have them.

Ditch Digger Tank -Gray-50L
Ditch Digger Jeans – 100L
Luna Sneakers – Gray – To be released this week

Hell Bop Clothing


I figured that since I was going to be featuring the stores in second life, why not start with Hell Bop Clothing.  It’s located in the Hell Bop section of  The Wash sim. Of course I have many favorite outfits from HBC so I couldn’t pick just one. In this picture I am wearing the HB Nate – Black Dickies Pants, the HB Oscar T-shirt and the HB Pocket Bandana with color changer.

In this picture I am wearing the very cute babydoll style dress called Tammy.

In this last picture I am wearing the HB Dickies shirt named Sally with the Daniella capris and the HB Studded Belt with chain.  I am also holding the HB lunch pail which is also available for purchase.

There is a large selection of clothes for men and women with most being unisex.  I’m including the taxi to Hell for easy transport Have fun shopping!!!!