Just when you thought it was safe…

...We have one more offering from the Beach Party to show you!  The Party is almost over (only 2 more days!), so if you haven't visited yet, you better get a move on - once the Beach Party is over, these deals are gone!  Everything is 10L or under, with certain special event exclusives at... Continue Reading →

Summer Wine…

We have another peek at the awesome Beach Party going on at the Wash. Believe it or not, folks, we have shown you only about half of the fantastic designer items available during this event, so if you haven't dropped in to party with us, what are you waiting for? There are tons of summer... Continue Reading →

That Summer, That Sunday…

We're in the wee early hours of Sunday morning and this is a GREAT time to visit the Beach Party going on at the Wash sim. It's quiet, the sun is just breaking over the horizon and the air is cool and smells like the ocean, before the day heats up and the sim becomes... Continue Reading →

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Its Saturday, the beach is only a teleport away, there is a 2-week Beach Party going on and you are invited! What more could you want as The Wash celebrates summer? We have 66 of SL's best designers in SL practically giving away the hottest summer outfits, beach gear and so much more! Whether you... Continue Reading →

Surfin’ Safari…

The weekend is here and the Party is still going non-stop! Throw on your favorite summertime outfit and come join the fun. We have a little bit of everything that makes the beach so much fun - sun, sand, beach balls, bikinis and more deals on great items than you can kick sand at! Most... Continue Reading →

Hot Fun in the Summertime

The Beach Party is in full swing, so what are you waiting for? There are tons of deals and steals to be found at The Wash's Beach Party event going on right now. Over 60 designers from all over SL have come together to create the ultimate summer beach bash shopping event. You can find... Continue Reading →

Summer breezes…

One of the best parts of summer is the chance to change up your normal routine and spend some time outside enjoying blue skies and golden sunshine. The Beach Party event at the Wash is a terrific chance for you to pick up some new goodies to help brighten your SL summer days. The designers... Continue Reading →

Sun, surf and shopping!

The Beach Party event at the Wash is in its second day and there is so much to see and shop! Dozens of beach towels are spread out throughout the sim, filled with all kinds of summer fun items created by 66 of SL's best designers. Most items are 10L or under and many of... Continue Reading →

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