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more cake?


mhmmhgMore Hunt 😀 From M&H ” Maloney & Hudson ”
You receive in one cake something for the boys and girls hunting. For the girls you get a cute camisole top and some capris and for the guys out there this old skool t-shirt that comes with tucked and untucked versions 🙂

And you see another pair of glasses 🙂

Cake Hunt Photos


Well I went out prowling for more cakes this morning in between helping renters:D here is some of what found.

From Cheap Love Song Clothing 3 cakes slices for your treat, for the guys a t-shirt that says “you my friend, Rock!” their cakes are not exactly in their store. You gonna have to hunt for them 🙂

I also have one one the sun glasses you get from B&G



More Cake Hunt!!


Looks for more frosting, you know that is the good part 😀

hunt_005More hair from BooPerFunK same style but much more color! And another pair of Glasses from B&G”. Shorts and shirt fromBALACLAVA!!
hey links are not cake locations and please other blogs don’t give them out… it is a hunt after all.

Let them eat cake hunt


Time to start showing you what you can find in the “Let Them East Cake Hunt”,  To get your good come on over to the Washes.


You can cruise the streets of Car Wash and The Wash in these niffy drivable chairs from “Battle Motors”. On your drive you can have your cake and eat it too! “Cas Foods” has turned out hunt cake into something to enjoy. Cake on a plater with a fork eating animations will let you get your fill. Need to look stylish while doing the hunt. “Booperfunk” free gift is great piggy tail dread locks! Red my favorite color of course 😀  Tank top from “Miss Honeypimkin’s” and shorts from “Hell Bop Clothing”.  You have to top it off with a cool pair of shapes from “B&G” (Boys and Girls).

Here is a close up:D


Will be updating this watch for more great gifts!!!

B&G Shoes @ Car Wash


This weeks highlighted store is B&G shoes located on the Car Wash sim.  They have  really nice mens and womens shoes, boots and suglasses that are very reasonably priced and well made.  The pair of shoes I bought are called Selena and have the prim feet so we don’t have to show our ugly pixel feet anymore.   Until shoes with prim feet came out, I wouldnt wear sandles or shoes with open toes.  I think these shoes are awesome.



Look at those pretty feet!

These shoes can be controlled with a HUD for these features:

– Bling on/off
– Resize
– Color change for the skin
– Color change for nails
– Heels sound on/off
– Select heels sound type
– Select heels sound volume

They come in 8 different colors and sell for only 350L.  Definately a must have.  Your limo awaits    http://slurl.com/secondlife/Car%20Wash/179/196/24