Baby’s In Black

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to those of you celebrating in the States!  Once the turkey is eaten, the pie savored, and you are too full to move, it is the perfect time to visit the Black Event at The Wash and check out all the great deals our designers are offering to kick off the holiday... Continue Reading →

Living in Black and White

Sorry for the late posting - but the lovely Black Event designers decided to gift us with even MORE great stuff to share!  If you have been living in a cave for the past week or so and just tonight decided to crawl out and get yourself into Second Life, have we got an event... Continue Reading →

Black Monday at The Wash

Usually "Black Friday" is used to describe the day after Thanksgiving in the US,  when the stores are filled with special offers to entice shoppers to spend, spend, spend.  However, today is "Black Monday" at the Wash with tons of incredible deals on some pretty fantastic items during the Black Event.  You do not want... Continue Reading →

Paint It Black

Can't believe Sunday is already here - this weekend just flew by! I hope lots of you had the chance to spend some of your weekend time checking out the Black Event going on at the Wash. The participating designers have done an incredible job of creating all kinds of black-themed goodies for your shopping... Continue Reading →

Black Saturday

The Black Event is going strong this weekend at the Wash!  In addition to a fantastic lineup of designers taking part in the cart sales, there is a Black Event hunt this time around, bringing even more goodies your way. The cart sales are the usual - all items 10L and under - with the... Continue Reading →

More Black Event

I took another stroll around the Wash sim this evening and it looks like the Black Event is doing well.  We share all the lovely things the designers send us here on the blog, but there is still a ton of stuff for you to find for yourself when you visit.  Also, I *think* there... Continue Reading →

Paint it Black

We're back with another peek at some of the great stuff you can find at The Black Event currently going on at the Wash sim.  Most items are 10L or under, a few event exclusives are 50L, and there are even a select amount of items absolutely free - if you take the 8-ball challenge... Continue Reading →

Black Gold

This is one of the busiest times of the year as people start getting ready for the coming holiday season. The Black Event is the perfect way to unwind and spend a little time refurbishing your wardrobe or home decor before the big holiday crush begins. The cart sale portion of the event is chock... Continue Reading →

Black Magic Woman

The Black Event started yesterday at the Wash and it looks to be a pretty fun time if you are looking to score some great pre-holiday sales. As with all the Cart Sale events, most items are 10L or under. This event also includes special exclusives which are priced at 50L (up to 3 exclusives... Continue Reading →

The Black Event @ The Wash

Today kicked off the opening of the Wash's Black Event Cart Sale and Hunt. This is the perfect time for an event devoted to the color black: with the holidays fast approaching, who doesn't need a new LBD for upcoming festive occasions? There are a ton of great designers taking part in the cart sale.... Continue Reading →

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