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Cart Sale Starts – September 5th!


Wash’s Biannual Cart Sale
Sept 4th to 25th 2013

Wash’s Biannual Cart Sale Sept 4th to 25th 2013

That time again for the  best event in Second Life.

The best bargains from great creators come to one place twice a year.

All items are 10ls or cheaper.

Don’t miss out get down to The Wash! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Wash/164/80/23

Home Team

Hell Bop
Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)  
~Wee Ones~
Joker’s Jinx   
Nvious By GG
Cute & Dark Dolls
 Unique Clothing  


Xtreme Designs 
Loordes of London
1 Hundred
The Little Bat
Style by Kira
Kita’s Sideshow
[[ Masoom ]]
Dark Water Designs 

Away Team

Love Zombie
 RVi Design
The Skin You’re In!
 The Dark Fae
Tree House Treasures
AD – Aaric’s Dsesign affordable clothings 
Piddler’s Perch 
Athy Designs Furniture 
Artic Storm
.:Evilkyoot:. Designs

 La Petite Morte
::MASH Fashion::
Aileen’s Shabby Chic & Country Store 
~Mesh Glam~ 
FBD (FireBird Designs)
External Appearance
~A Little Bit Of Everything~
irrie’s Dollhouse
 :.::Hot Stuff::.:
 Luna Fatale Creations
 Ollie’s Follies   
 Sugar & Cyanide
Nekowaii Designs

Princessa Creations


Grave Robbing Finds


It’s the countdown to Halloween and almost the end of the Grave Robbing Hunt down at The Washes and Car Wash! If you haven’t been down to take part of a the 2 sim-wide hunt that includes 15 designers, you are seriously missing out.

While I was doing my own digging, look what I snagged for myself!!

Cute right?
The bangles are from A-Bomb and the Cora capri/sweater set is from HellBop.
Now don’t you worry guys, there are things for you too!! Actually, I found a guys and gals gift down at HellBop!

Ok… now you need to hurry up because time is running out. Grab your shovel and hitch a ride…
Car Wash
The Wash

Grave Robbing Finds – **Sinner’s Tongue**


The Washes and Car Wash Grave Robbing Hunt is in full effect and the designers definitely went all out!
Check out these items I picked up at the hunt from Sinners Tongue

Angle of Death Wings & Vampyre Veiny Dead Bombshell skin in Blonde
The pic does it no justice…. this skin has awesome detail, don’t miss it!

also… Sinners Tongue has a second set of wings that I am loving for the season
Earth Wings

Hurry down to the Car Wash and The Washes for this 2 Sim hunt!
15 designers, lots of graves!!!
See ya there!!


Car Wash
The Wash

Grave Robbing Finds – Graffitiwear!


Unless you have been in hiding, you should already know that the 2 Sim Grave Robbing Hunt is going on NOW at The Washes and Car Wash!
Over the next couple of weeks, I will share with you some of the awesome finds that you can rob for yourself!

I am going to kick things off with 2 awesome items from Graffitiwear. A guys and gals gift, though I may be caught wearing the guy’s item. I have no shame!!!

I am definitely loving this zippertop from Graffitiwear. It can be paired with so much… jeans, skirt… tutu… heck yes!!
If you want this or those boxers for yourself, all you need to do is find them!

Start robbing those graves!!!
Car Wash
The Wash


Grave Robbing At The Washes!


2 Sims….
15 Fabulous Designers…
Can Ya Dig It!?

This is the Halloween Hunt you’ve been waiting for!!

The Designers:
Hell Bop Clothing
Sentou Yousei
Eye Candi
RBZ Design

SD Wears Clothing
Unique Clothing and Tattoos
Nevermore & La Boheme
Liderc Mainstore
The Joker’s Jinx
ButterFly EffectZ Fashions
Transylvanian Trading Post
Mature Bear
Alter Ego
Sinner’s Tongue
Miss Honeypumkin’s

Your hearse awaits…
Car Wash
The Wash

Fab Free 3rd Anniversary Celebration!!


You don’t want to miss this event!!

On September 25th, The Washes and Fab Free are celebrating the Fab Free’s 3rd Anniversary by bringing you a day of great music and gifts!!!

Be there!!

The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – Ingenue


I can’t believe that tomorrow is the LAST DAY of The Washes’ Cart Sale!! Seriously, it feels like it went by way tooo fast!!!

If you haven’t been, this is your last chance… you might want to get down to the sale NOW before it’s too late!!!

Before the sale is over, I am making last rounds – checking out carts again to make sure I haven’t missed anything. There is just soooo much, a second look is definitely necessary. I don’t want to find out later that I missed something truly fabulous. And for items being just 10L or less… And… some vendors sharing exclusive items…. yeah, better check it out again to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Speaking of which, I finally made my way to the Ingenue cart and OMG! I picked up the Pivoine skirt and Esther suit immediately.

I paired the skirt up with a simple tank top and the suit is perfect as is…. These are two incredible finds! The Ingenue cart has a bunch of other goodies, too… Make sure that you stop by before it’s too late!!

With all the amazing vendors, I didn’t get a chance to post everything that was incredible, but believe me… there are some AMAZING vendors and incredible finds. Don’t miss out… get down there before the best cart of Second Life is over!!!


~ kel