Sizzling Summer Sunday!

It's been a glorious weekend here in SL with tons of events, parties and all around fun going on - hope you were able to indulge in some of it!  One of the best events right now is the Sizzling Summer Cart Sale, midway through its current round at The Wash. Everything you need to... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland is open!

The holiday season is upon us and Second Life is hopping with events, sales, hunts, and other activities. It's almost as crazy hectic as real life this time of year! The Wash is no exception - we have decked the halls, spiked the egg nog, and set up a fabulous Winter Wonderland Cart Sale just... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night’s Alright!

Its the weekend and that means the clubs in SL are hopping, there are all kinds of live music events if you don't like the club scene, and the grid is always crowded with folks looking to have some fun.  You want to look your best and be the center of attention wherever you go... Continue Reading →

Half-Time at the Cart Sale!

Hello Cart Sale Shoppers! We've hit the middle mark for the Sunny Side Up Cart Sale event this round, and I have been sitting on a last bundle of photos to share just for today. Its been killing me to hang onto these pics, but I wanted something special to serve as the halftime reminder... Continue Reading →

Here comes the sun!

I don't know what the weather is like in your corner of the world, but here where I am, it's warm and sunny. You would never guess it was still early February, which makes the timing of the Spring-themed Cart Sale perfect. I might be jumping the gun a bit, but a day like today... Continue Reading →

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