Party On at the Wash

One of the unique features of the Cart Sale events is that it brings together such a diverse group of merchants and designers for each round. One of the most amazing features is that they have been bringing together these diverse groups multiple times a year for 10 years.  That's right - we have a... Continue Reading →

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

Lazy summer sunday - perfect time to kick back and recharge your batteries for the challenges of the upcoming week.  What better way to enjoy your down time than with a little stroll through the current Cart Sale, happening at the Wash? Whether you are looking for a little shot of color to help brighten... Continue Reading →

One more time…

Ok, folks, I have come to the end of my stash of goodies to tempt your shopping gene for this round of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale at the Wash.  I have been bringing you posts filled with items since the event opened on June 15th, and even with all those posts, I have barely scratched... Continue Reading →

Weekend at The Wash

The weekend is here and that means time to relax from your usual hectic weekly schedule and settle in for some quality you time. What better way to recharge yourself so you can face the coming week than to indulge in a little retail therapy? We have all kinds of goodies on sale right now... Continue Reading →

Manic Monday at the Wash

We're kicking off a new week here at the Wash and to help fight off the Monday blues, we've got another peek at some of the delectable delights available from the Heat Wave Cart Sale. We've been showing off bits and pieces over the last few days, but what we have shown so far is... Continue Reading →

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