“Spring Freshness” has come to the Wash!

The sun is shining, the days are getting longer, and the "Spring Freshness" Cart Sale has kicked off at the Wash! This is the perfect way to shake off the last of the cold weather and get yourself ready for the warmer months ahead. We have a great collection of almost 90 designers for this... Continue Reading →

Come on down to The Wash!

We're a few hours into the opening of the Cart Sale's Fall 2014 event and not only do we have another peek at some of the great deals you can find, but we have some event information to share. If you are a first time first Cart sale shopper, the events are hosted twice a... Continue Reading →

Midnight at the Oasis

We've got another batch of Oasis goodness to share - and guys, pay attention to this post! Boots...for men...that look great! The Oasis Cart Sale event kicked off yesterday at the Wash sim. The event is kind of a Cart Sale-lite version of the bigger, biannual Cart Sales we all know and love.   Think desert,... Continue Reading →

Mark…Get Set…Go!

Its that time again, folks! Check your pockets, check under the couch cushions, dig through your old purses and find whatever spare cash you can- The Wash's Biannual Cart Sale is underway! From now until March 19th, the streets of The Wash have been taken over by designers from all over the grid. Everything on... Continue Reading →

Living in Black and White

Sorry for the late posting - but the lovely Black Event designers decided to gift us with even MORE great stuff to share!  If you have been living in a cave for the past week or so and just tonight decided to crawl out and get yourself into Second Life, have we got an event... Continue Reading →

Sunday Shopping at its Best

It's a beautiful, sunny Sunday in Second Life and a perfect day for a leisurely stroll through the Cart Sale event going on at the Wash sim. We're happy to get to show off a little more of the great stuff you can find during this sale - thank you so much to the designers... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Sales

We've got another look at some of the great deals you can score at the Cart Sale event going on at The Wash until September 5th. The colors in the jewelery pieces from Bliensen + MaiTai are just amazing. All the pieces work together, but my personal favorite were the "Grass" earrings - the green... Continue Reading →

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