BiAnnual Cart Sale going on now

Its the quiet part of the evening (at least for me) and that means a chance to unwind a bit and enjoy some shopping in SL. The BiAnnual Wash Sale is in full swing and now that the first mad rush on the sim has died down, its the perfect time to drop by and... Continue Reading →

Spring is coming to the Wash: Cart Sale has kicked off!

Despite the cold weather outside, spring is on its way and that means it's Cart Sale time again at the Wash! We have around 70 designers taking part in this edition of the Cart Sale, which means even more fabulous items for your shopping pleasure! Over the next few days, we'll be posting some of... Continue Reading →

Oh Come All Ye Shoppers!

Christmas is almost here, just 3 more shopping days, so if you are still looking for that perfect holiday dress or accessory, or just one more bit of holiday decor for your SL space, then you need to get yourself down to the Happy Holidays Cart Sale event going on at the Wash! In the... Continue Reading →

Midnight at the Oasis

We've got another batch of Oasis goodness to share - and guys, pay attention to this post! Boots...for men...that look great! The Oasis Cart Sale event kicked off yesterday at the Wash sim. The event is kind of a Cart Sale-lite version of the bigger, biannual Cart Sales we all know and love.   Think desert,... Continue Reading →

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