Black Gold

This is one of the busiest times of the year as people start getting ready for the coming holiday season. The Black Event is the perfect way to unwind and spend a little time refurbishing your wardrobe or home decor before the big holiday crush begins. The cart sale portion of the event is chock... Continue Reading →

Living in Black and White…

Closing out the weekend, we have one more look at some of the Black Event designers before we head into the new week. Showcased tonight is Dark Water Designs, Ear Candy, External Appearance Shapes and Wee Ones. Once again, the designers have done a great job in translating the theme of "black" into various delectable... Continue Reading →

All I Have To Do Is Dream…

The Retro Swap Meet at The Wash is in full swing this weekend with tons of deals and steals on some fantastic designs and creations! The event runs until June 6th, so be sure to set aside some time to come down and check out all the great designers who are taking part in this... Continue Reading →

Holy Cow! More Cart Sale!

Just when you thought it was safe....we're back with more Cart Sale!! The event is in its last week, and we got a boatload of more bargains to share with you. You don't want to miss out - some of the carts have swapped items and have new stuff that we haven't shown previously and... Continue Reading →

Do You Believe In Magic?

We have another set of stores to present tonight from the Neverwas Is Event at The Wash. DCD has created an absolutely stunning trio of circlets befitting any Princess or Fairy Queen. The delicate Rose Circlet and Sphere Circlet are exclusive to the Neverwas Is Event, and will not be available in the store until... Continue Reading →

From Dragons to Hummingbirds…

The Neverwas Is Event is underway at The Wash, and we have a few of the lovely items from RVi Design to show you.  Rvi Design has put together some stunning decor items that will definitely bring a sense of magical wonders to your home or sim. They have many more items than we are... Continue Reading →

Neverwas Is Magic is spreading….

We've got another peek at the fabulous items awaiting you fantasy lovers at the Neverwas Is event currently going on over at The Wash. Remember this is a limited time event, so be sure to head over and check out the wonderful items these talented designers have put together to celebrate Magic and all its... Continue Reading →

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