Indian Summer has hit the Wash!

In case you were not awake in the middle of the night counting down the minutes like I was - the Indian Summer Cart Sale @ The Wash is officially open! What is this wonderous Indian Summer, you say? Well, let me tell you all about it. Indian Summer is those last few days of... Continue Reading →

There’s a mob at the Wash!

Holy cow, people!  This is the first time I can remember when opening day of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale event has been soooo crowded that you can't get on the sim!  Usually it takes a day or so for word to spread that we're open to the public before the craziness fully hits, but not... Continue Reading →

Double Shot!!

Its been one of those days where every time I think I can catch my breath and get a post up, something else comes along that demands my attention "Right now!" - so you lucky blog readers get to reap the benefit of my hectic day: a double shot, double long post to make up... Continue Reading →

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