Happy Humpday from The Wash!

We're halfway through the week, folks - just a couple more days until we find ourselves once more kicking back and enjoying another summer weekend.  In the meantime, however, the Sizzling Summer Cart Sale at The Wash might help provide a little relief from the drag of being stuck working instead of playing in the... Continue Reading →

We’re halfway to the Weekend!

What better way to celebrate surviving the first half of the week than a trip to the Cart Sale for the Spring has Sprung round? I know, I know - usually retail therapy is saved for the weekend, but it might be just the boost you need to make it to Friday with a smile... Continue Reading →

More Cart Sale!

More stuff from the Bi-Annual Cart Sale! The fabulous designers participating in the Cart Sale have done a great job in bringing you tons of new items this year. At 10L for each item, Cart Sales are always THE best chances of the year to stock up on wardrobe essentials and splurge a little on... Continue Reading →

Sunrise, Sunset…

We posted at sunrise on the east coast today, so we're aiming for sunset on the west, just to keep things in balance. One thing you don't have to worry about keeping in balance is your wallet during the Sunny Side Up Cart Sale going on right now at the Wash. Most items are 10L... Continue Reading →

The clock is ticking, folks!

We're down to the last 4 days of the Cart Sale for this round, and I've got one more peek at the amazing things you can find at the event. In case you have been been kidnapped by aliens, flown into outer space for some interesting..uh...medical experiments and have only just returned to planet Earth... Continue Reading →

Wednesday at The Wash

  It's Wednesday, middle of the week, not close enough to the start to fall under the dreaded Monday blues, not close enough to the weekend that you can feel the anticipation of a few days off, so what can you do to liven things up?  A visit to the summer edition of Cart Sale... Continue Reading →

Sleigh Bells Ring…

Oh, sorry, my bad - that's not sleigh bells I hear, it's the sound of savings jingling in my pocket!  That's right, folks - the December Cart Sale is open at the Wash and the sales are too good to pass up.  We have around 60 designers participating this round and in the spirit of... Continue Reading →

Easy Living at the Wash

We're back with another peek at some of the freshly minted goodies you can find at this round of the Cart Sale event going on at the Wash. Over the next week or so, we will be showcasing some of the great items our designers have come up with for this Indian Summer theme, so... Continue Reading →

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