Cart Sale @ The Wash – 10th Anniversary Round

I have finally come to the bottom of my bloggery bag of goodness, folks, so this will be my last post for this round of the Cart Sale. I've only shared a portion of what you will find at the event, so if anything has tickled your interest, get yourself down to the Wash and... Continue Reading →

Baby, it’s getting hot in here…

The summer edition of Cart Sale is open at the Wash! We have an amazing group of designers this round paying homage to those hot, lazy summer days when the best place to be is playing in the waves at the beach or curled up somewhere in the shade with an icy lemonade and a... Continue Reading →

Holiday Cheer @ The Wash!

Its that time of year again, folks - time for family and friends, time for wracking your brains to find that perfect gift, time to battle the crowds at the mall and grocery store, time to pull together the best holiday season possible (with the least amount of stress) to make your holidays perfect. Well,... Continue Reading →

One more time…

Ok, folks, I have come to the end of my stash of goodies to tempt your shopping gene for this round of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale at the Wash.  I have been bringing you posts filled with items since the event opened on June 15th, and even with all those posts, I have barely scratched... Continue Reading →

Sunday Shopping @ The Cart Sale!

Fashion? Check!  Accessories? Check! Home decor? Check! You want it, we got it...and so much more!  The Cart Sale is in full swing, bringing together about 80 of SL's best designers with an insane amount of awesome stuff to make your SL that much better.  Think about it...around 80 merchants, 10 items per around... Continue Reading →

Midnight at the Oasis

We've got another batch of Oasis goodness to share - and guys, pay attention to this post! Boots...for men...that look great! The Oasis Cart Sale event kicked off yesterday at the Wash sim. The event is kind of a Cart Sale-lite version of the bigger, biannual Cart Sales we all know and love.   Think desert,... Continue Reading →

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