Black Gold

This is one of the busiest times of the year as people start getting ready for the coming holiday season. The Black Event is the perfect way to unwind and spend a little time refurbishing your wardrobe or home decor before the big holiday crush begins. The cart sale portion of the event is chock... Continue Reading →

Steals and Deals at the Wash

We have another peek at the lovely items you can find right now at the Cart Sale event going on at the Wash sim.  You can find a little bit of everything there - from fashion to accessories to home decor items.  Everything is 10L or under (yes, there are the occasional freebie items included... Continue Reading →

Surf’s up!

Long, lazy summer days spent indulging in the outdoors. Ice cold lemonade. Scent of suntan lotion. The sound of an ice cream truck in the distance. Time to relax and recharge yourself. Sound good? Then come on over to The Wash and visit the Beach Party! We have 66 great designers bringing you boatloads of... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night at the Cart Sale!

We're halfway through the weekend and the deals are still going fast and furious at the Cart Sale currently taking place at The Wash sim. There are carts everywhere, loaded with goodies from designers from all across SL. Everything is 10L or under and many carts have special freebies, dollarbies, or Cart Sale exclusives you... Continue Reading →

Paint It Black…

Good afternoon, Wash fans! The weekend is almost here and we have another look at some of the fantastic buys available right now at the Black Event to kick it off. Everything is 10L or under and designers have a freebie gift at each store's monolith for you. This post is showcasing some amazing items... Continue Reading →

Another look at Cart Sale!

Die-hard shoppers, your time is running out to score some of these fantastic deals at the Cart Sale currently going on at The Wash sim! Everything on the street-vendor style carts is 10L or less and many of the 120+ designers have included fatpacks of some of their cutest items for that same low price.... Continue Reading →

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