Sunday Shopping @ The Cart Sale!

Fashion? Check!  Accessories? Check! Home decor? Check! You want it, we got it...and so much more!  The Cart Sale is in full swing, bringing together about 80 of SL's best designers with an insane amount of awesome stuff to make your SL that much better.  Think about it...around 80 merchants, 10 items per around... Continue Reading →

You want it? We got it!

I am coming up on my 180th blog post for the Wash events in the not too distant future, and the BiAnnual Wash Sale remains one of my favorite events in SL.  Pulling together over 70 merchants and getting things coordinated and running smoothly is no easy task and takes a lot of behind the... Continue Reading →

More Cart Sale Steals!

The Wash is hopping with Cart Sale goodness for the next couple weeks!  We've already shown you a tons of great deals, and there is so much more waiting for you to find.  Everything in the event is 10L or under.  Here is another peek at some of the great deals available this time around,... Continue Reading →

Living in Black and White…

Closing out the weekend, we have one more look at some of the Black Event designers before we head into the new week. Showcased tonight is Dark Water Designs, Ear Candy, External Appearance Shapes and Wee Ones. Once again, the designers have done a great job in translating the theme of "black" into various delectable... Continue Reading →

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