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Cart Sale Store Listing


The Wash Bi-annual Cart Sale is shaping up very nicely even with just one sim involved it is going to be jammed pack with goodies from all over Second Life. Applications are still being Accepted till the 14th. Still time to get yours in! Here is a list of people going to take part and list will be changing daily!


SD Wears
Reasonable Desires
GooDVibeZ Mens
Unique Clothing
Moxee Designs
Butterfly Effectz
Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)
Transylvanian Trading Post
Altered Egos Costume Shop
Mature Bear


Bliensen + MaiTai
Before Sleep
Ear Candy
B&T Atelier
Dark Water Designs
Lvs&co-Crunchy Roll-The Dollhouse
Eclectic Firefly
Style by Kira
Jeannie’s Jewels
Timeless Textures
Sugar Mama’s Fashion Bakery
B[u]Y Me
M.O.C.K Cosmetics
Hey Clothing


Not Comfirmed

Bad Juju
Dragon Charm Designs
Sour Apple
Vicarious Vitae
Embody Shapes & Poses
OuTRage! Clothing Compan
Sacred Roses
KamreK Creations
Tiger Tower
La Tatas
Xtreme Designs

Grave Robbing Finds


It’s the countdown to Halloween and almost the end of the Grave Robbing Hunt down at The Washes and Car Wash! If you haven’t been down to take part of a the 2 sim-wide hunt that includes 15 designers, you are seriously missing out.

While I was doing my own digging, look what I snagged for myself!!

Cute right?
The bangles are from A-Bomb and the Cora capri/sweater set is from HellBop.
Now don’t you worry guys, there are things for you too!! Actually, I found a guys and gals gift down at HellBop!

Ok… now you need to hurry up because time is running out. Grab your shovel and hitch a ride…
Car Wash
The Wash

Grave Robbing Finds – Graffitiwear!


Unless you have been in hiding, you should already know that the 2 Sim Grave Robbing Hunt is going on NOW at The Washes and Car Wash!
Over the next couple of weeks, I will share with you some of the awesome finds that you can rob for yourself!

I am going to kick things off with 2 awesome items from Graffitiwear. A guys and gals gift, though I may be caught wearing the guy’s item. I have no shame!!!

I am definitely loving this zippertop from Graffitiwear. It can be paired with so much… jeans, skirt… tutu… heck yes!!
If you want this or those boxers for yourself, all you need to do is find them!

Start robbing those graves!!!
Car Wash
The Wash


Fab Free 3rd Anniversary Celebration!!


You don’t want to miss this event!!

On September 25th, The Washes and Fab Free are celebrating the Fab Free’s 3rd Anniversary by bringing you a day of great music and gifts!!!

Be there!!

The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)


Ahhh… it feels like ages since I have shared some stellar cart sale finds with you guys!! I suppose everyone has some RL interruptions but jeeeez!!

Anyways, it’s sooo good to be back… and just in time, too!! There are only just days left of The Washes’ Cart Sale and I am still making my way and finding new things to try on and share. It’s been so much fun and I have found some new designers that I am sure to follow long after this sale.

So, check out my latest… No stranger to The Wash – Sentou Yousei (battle fairy) has really put out a great pair of boots for just 10L!

I have them in white but they come in so many colors. If you are not familiar with Sentou Yousei’s designs, this is the perfect opportunity to get aquatinted. Believe me, 10L is a steal for these boots. They really are top notch!

Scripted to size with ease and quality work… I definitely will be wearing these over and over again.

*these boots are made for walkin….*

Hurry and grab your taxi to Sentou Yousei’s cart and get your own pair or pairs before time runs out!!! Taxi

Cart Sale ends on the 16th!!


The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – CuRvEz


The Washes’ Cart Sale is nothing short of a shopaholic’s dream come true. Carts all lined up in neat rows, spanning two sims…. *sigh* I don’t want it to end!! Sadly, it will… If you haven’t visited, “DO IT!”  Really, do it and do it fast!! Get your lovely selves down to the cart sale and take advantage of great deals all priced at 10L or less!!

Speaking of great designs, you definitely do not want to miss out on CuRvEz! Serious fashion for just 10L an outfit.

Aren’t these great!?

These are some of my favorites that you can get at the CuRvEz cart but by no means are all CuRvEz is offering. There are 9 cute styles available and all equally awesome!! Personally, my favorite is Playful (2nd to left) and it even comes with a jeans option. Yup! Only 10L for the entire set!! You know, I will be running around in this one lots!!!!

Come take a peek for yourself!! Taxi to CuRvEz

See ya there!!


The Washes’ Cart Sale Finds – Lois Allen Designs


The Washes’ Cart Sale has been an incredible experience for me to cover… Where else can I find such a HUGE variety of fabulousness for 10L or less per item!?

Tonight I had the pleasure to try on some great pieces from Lois Allen Designs… ok..ok…I admit, the “Roses Grow On You Fairy” set was my favorite from this selection!!! It really pulls at the dreamer in me and it comes complete from head to pretty accessorized toe!!

7 out of the 10 Lois Allen Designs items are new releases!!! These are all so beautifully made and… guys, there is something here for you, too!! Leathers by Lois works great for both guys and gals!

Got a summer wedding coming up? Or maybe a ball to attend? Grooms Delight Wedding Dress just may be what you are looking for!!

You definitely do not want to miss out on Lois Allen Designs‘ cart… catch your taxi here!