Best T-Shirt Contest at Car Wash

I'm not one to dress up. I rarely even pick out my clothes... such decisions are best left up to the people in my life who have to look at me for long stretches of time. But there is one article of clothing I can select on my own: a T-shirt. (The tag goes in... Continue Reading →

Let them eat cake!!

it is coming are you ready?

Funkier than…

Many of you may of heard the new spot when at Car Wash and turn on your stream. Now here is a contest to get your funkier in!, Complete this sentance : Funkier than........... If your plug is used you will win 100ls and 10 funkier thans will win!!! Just drop of your enter that... Continue Reading →

Welcome to The Washes

Welcome to the official blog for both the Car Wash and The Wash sims in Second Lifeā„¢. Here you will find information and highlights about All Things Wash including shopping news, event reviews, special features and previews of coming events.

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