Hot, Hot, Hot!

Its Saturday, the beach is only a teleport away, there is a 2-week Beach Party going on and you are invited! What more could you want as The Wash celebrates summer? We have 66 of SL's best designers in SL practically giving away the hottest summer outfits, beach gear and so much more! Whether you... Continue Reading →

Black Sunday

Today we're taking a look at some of The Wash event veteran designers: Graffitiwear, K2K United Enterprises, B!ASTA and Bilensen + MaiTai. They have come up with some truly fantastic designs for the Black event going on right now. You really can't go wrong with adding basic black to your wardrobe because it is so... Continue Reading →

Another peek at the Cart Sale Event…

Whew - we are absolutely inundated with great things to showcase from the Cart Sale going on at The Wash! Its a toss-up between posting what we've already got unpacked and photographed and diving into the heap of unpacked items like a kid on Christmas morning. Chipaholic has put together bundles of textures that any... Continue Reading →

Neverwas Is Event has begun!

There is a definite tingling sensation in the air at The Wash these days - the beginning of the Neverwas Is Event has crept into the sim and magic is blooming everywhere you look! The Neverwas Is will be taking place from November 9 to November 23, sponsored by Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy), and this... Continue Reading →

The Wash: Cart Sale Goodies

Welcome to the BiAnnual Cart Wash Sale, hosted by The Wash! From September 7 to September 28, The Wash sim is THE place to be for some fantastic bargains: Designers from all over the grid are having a street fair of specials. Nothing is over 10L, everything is gorgeous - this is a great opportunity... Continue Reading →

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