“Spring is Here” and the shopping is fine!

The weekend is just about over, Superbowl Sunday is safely behind us (congratulations, Eagles fans!) and Monday is creeping up on us, but the party at Cart Sale is still going strong. The streets are loaded with booths and the designers have come up with some really amazing stuff to help get a jump start... Continue Reading →

Spring Showers bring…10L Sales @ The Wash

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!  It's day two of the Wash's "Spring Freshness" Cart Sale, the sale is in full swing and the sim is packed! We've got more designers than you can shake a stick at lined up for this round (almost 90!) and they have done an amazing job in pulling together some... Continue Reading →

Getting ready for a Merry Wash-mas!

This is the time of year when I actually start getting excited for the holidays.  The Thanksgiving food coma has worn off and its actually getting close enough to Christmas to get into countdown mode without it feeling like I am jumping the gun (yes, big name stores who start the Christmas muzac the day... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays from The Wash!

The holiday season is upon us and to help celebrate and make your SL festivities just that much brighter, the Wash is presenting the Happy Holidays cart sale from now to December 31st.  We have a fantastic collection of over 60 designers set up on the sim with mountains of items priced at 10L or... Continue Reading →

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