3 Main Store Lots Available @ The Wash!

Regular Prices for lots.... Lot 1 L$1,845/week Prims: 1230 Lot 2 L$1,402/week Prims: 939 Lot 3 L$1,759/week Prims: 1173 But I have A deal till Monday!!  Instead of 1.5ls per prim your rent will be 1ls a prim!!! so the prim count will be your rent! For main stores only!

Cart Sale – Feb-March 2012

FINAL LIST!!! The Wash - Cart Sale time again and this time it is the biggest one yet! with over about 125 carts with all items 10LS or less! Designers from all over Second Life all on one sim. Many brand new items made for this Event. Feb 22th to March 14th 2012 HOME Hell... Continue Reading →


There has a was some kind of accident, might have been aliens or Zombies. We are not sure. But, some trucks have broken down on The Wash sim. They won't tow off the trucks till the contents are all removed from the backs of the trucks to make for lighter lifting.

How to Apple Boppers (hunt?)

Apple Boppers is basically sort of a hunt, but nothing is hidden.  Cauldrons will be placed in participating stores and easy to find.  There is twist though,  you have to bob for your gift. some stores have more than one gift too.  So you sit on the cauldron and see if you get a trick... Continue Reading →

A-Bomb @ The Wash

Hey everyone.  This weeks highlighted store is A-Bomb located on The Wash.  Here you will find lots of cute, stylish and reasonably priced clothing and shoes.  I seem to have an addiction to buying things with skulls on them, so when I saw this tank and jeans I had to have them. Ditch Digger Tank... Continue Reading →

Quick Wash: DJ Bats at Hell Bop Bar

You can see and -- most importantly -- hear DJ Bats' eclectic mix of Psychobilly and Punk almost every Monday night at Hell Bop Bar from 6PM until 8PM. See you in Hell (Bop Bar)! For up-to-the-minute news and information, consider joining the Hell Bop Bar group.

Hell Bop Clothing

I figured that since I was going to be featuring the stores in second life, why not start with Hell Bop Clothing.  It's located in the Hell Bop section of  The Wash sim. Of course I have many favorite outfits from HBC so I couldn't pick just one. In this picture I am wearing the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to The Washes

Welcome to the official blog for both the Car Wash and The Wash sims in Second Life™. Here you will find information and highlights about All Things Wash including shopping news, event reviews, special features and previews of coming events.

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