Have you played at the Wash today?

We survived another week, folks, and a glorious weekend is just around the corner as most of us wrap up the last few loose ends of our work week over the next few hours. Weekends are made for kicking back, having fun, indulging yourself a little bit to help recharge your batteries before jumping back... Continue Reading →

Midnight Shoppers!

Ok, in the interest of tranparency, it is midnight for me as I post this, but might not be for you as you read it.  =) Short and sweet - in case you missed it, the Bi-Annual Cart Sale is in full swing from now until July 6th at the Wash! Lots of stuff from... Continue Reading →

Have you seen the Cart Sale?

If you haven't visited the Wash yet for this round of the Cart Sale - what the heck are you waiting for?  Go, go, go! Seriously, this is one event you do NOT want to miss.  We have roughly 90 fantastic merchants taking part and they have filled the streets of the Wash with more... Continue Reading →

Getting ready for a Merry Wash-mas!

This is the time of year when I actually start getting excited for the holidays.  The Thanksgiving food coma has worn off and its actually getting close enough to Christmas to get into countdown mode without it feeling like I am jumping the gun (yes, big name stores who start the Christmas muzac the day... Continue Reading →

Halfway there…

It's coming up on the halfway mark for this round of the BiAnnual Wash Sale and things are still going strong. If you haven't yet dropped by, you only have until September 16th to make the most of these fantastic deals. The cooler weather is right around the corner, making this the ideal time to... Continue Reading →

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