Once more into the Wash…

One last post for the Cart Sale this time around, unless we get a last minute addition from one of the designers! The event runs until March 13th, so you still have plenty of time to head over if you haven't visited already. Everything on the carts is 10L or under. The designers are some... Continue Reading →

Another Peek at The Black Event

Next in our lineup of scintillating and sexy Black Event items, we have a look at Amour Fashion/Rispetto Designs and Lois Allen Designs. Both collections have a beautiful mix of dressy and casual items, including accessories and Rispetto has some great outfits for you guys out there. Everything is 10L or under, so be sure... Continue Reading →

Pretty as a Pose-y

Another installment of delightful offerings at The Wash's Cart Sale. I'm feeling like a cheerleader these days, raving about how great the Cart Sale is this time around, but honestly - its that good!We've shown you all kinds of tempting items from clothing to shoes to skins to builds - and there is a lot... Continue Reading →

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