Happy Humpday!

Not the most elegant of titles, but we're halfway to the weekend and what the heck - a little cheeky never killed anyone. =) Fun fact about the Cart Sale event - we were the first 10L sale in Second Life way back when, and we were one of the first to consolidate all the... Continue Reading →

Beachy Times @ The Wash

Summer is a state of mind. With all the uncertainty going on in the world around us, this is the perfect time to indulge in a little sunshine-filled relaxation here in SL. Grab a bikini. Find a stretch of beach. Give surfing a try. Lounge by the pool with your friends. Let yourself reach that... Continue Reading →

Its a new week at The Wash!

Hope everyone is doing well - I've been remiss in getting my posts online, but tonight the internet gods have been kind and I've got another look at some amazing Cart Sale items you can find at the March round happening at The Wash. The event is just over halfway finished, so if you haven't... Continue Reading →

We have the deals!

Pssssst! Hey....you! Yeah, you over there! Got 10L? Have I got a deal for you! "Spring is Here" @ the Cart Sale and the streets of the Wash are filled with 10L goodies just waiting to be grabbed! We're talking pretty new clothes, sexy shoes, some very comfortable home furnishings and home decor items to... Continue Reading →

Ah, Fridays….

We're on the cusp of another golden weekend here in Second Life: the sun is (perma)shining, the birds are twittering, and there are endless sims to explore and play in while you recuperate from the past week.  If retail therapy is more your thing than a ramble in the park, the summer edition of Cart... Continue Reading →

Springtalicious Cart Sale Madness!

If you have ever looked in your SL closet, sighed in disappointment and thought to yourself, "I have nothing fun to wear!"....or if you have ever looked around your SL home and wondered just what you could do to give the space a little more wow factor - there is just one cure: The Springtalicious... Continue Reading →

Indian Summer Indulgence

Indian summer is the perfect time of year for mixing up those light, floaty summer dresses and tops with lightweight cardigans, favorite broken-in jeans, comfortable shorts, in ways that let you extend the carefree look of summer a little longer before surrendering to fall's cozier dressing. Bohemian styles abound and the best color palettes are... Continue Reading →

It’s heating up at the Wash!

The sim is hopping right now as we move through the 2nd day of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale Event. The streets are lined with carts overflowing with items from 87 of SL's talented designers. You will find clothing for men and women, home decor, build items, shapes, accessories and even pretty summer clothes for kiddie... Continue Reading →

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