BiAnnual Cart Sale going on now

Its the quiet part of the evening (at least for me) and that means a chance to unwind a bit and enjoy some shopping in SL. The BiAnnual Wash Sale is in full swing and now that the first mad rush on the sim has died down, its the perfect time to drop by and... Continue Reading →

Summer Fun at the Wash!

Everyone loves a good sale and the Wash has been bringing SL some of the best sidewalk Cart Sales for a few years now. The current Heat Wave Cart Sale is no exception - all kinds of brand, spanking new summer theme goodies from a ton of SL's favorite designers at rock bottom prices. I... Continue Reading →

Monday Blues

Ok, my lovely Wash bargain shoppers - we've come to the end of the Cart Sale Event showcase for this round, but just because we are out of pictures to share does not mean there isn't plenty still to see and explore! The sale runs until October 8th and its my understanding that some of... Continue Reading →

Oasis in the Wash

We're halfway through the weekend, but we've barely scratched the surface of the Oasis Cart Event going on at the Wash. The streets are overflowing with carts and the deals are super hot! Everything on the carts is 10L or less and many of the designers are offering exclusive items that will not be available... Continue Reading →

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