Beachy Times @ The Wash

Summer is a state of mind. With all the uncertainty going on in the world around us, this is the perfect time to indulge in a little sunshine-filled relaxation here in SL. Grab a bikini. Find a stretch of beach. Give surfing a try. Lounge by the pool with your friends. Let yourself reach that... Continue Reading →

Tuesday @ The Wash Cart Sale

We're almost a week into this round of The Wash's March Cart Sale event and we've been having a great time checking out all offerings from the different designers. I have another look at some of the amazing things you can find this time around - but keep in mind, folks, we barely scratch the... Continue Reading →

Last Dance, Last Chance!

We're getting close to that time, folks - these are the last few days of the Crisp N Cool Cart Sale event!  It has been a delightful run this round, with all kinds of great autumn/early winter goodies to grab, but as with all good things, there must be an end.  This round will run... Continue Reading →

Sizzling Summer Sunday!

It's been a glorious weekend here in SL with tons of events, parties and all around fun going on - hope you were able to indulge in some of it!  One of the best events right now is the Sizzling Summer Cart Sale, midway through its current round at The Wash. Everything you need to... Continue Reading →

Dashing through the SL Snow…

...on my way to the Winter Wonderland at The Wash!  There is so much going on in SL right now, its insane - between events, shopping specials, advents and all the club activities for the holidays, it is almost more restful to stay in RL!  One thing you can count on, though, among all the... Continue Reading →

Sunday, Sunday

Dear Inventory, It's that time of year again, another Cart Sale is in full swing at the Wash.  I know I promised not to come home with tons of boxes and bags and overstuff you like I did last time, but...some promises are made to be broken.  I really can't help myself, there are so... Continue Reading →

Sunny Side Up is happening now!

We're back with another peek at the pretties you can find at the Sunny Side Up Cart Sale currently happening at The Wash. This round of the event runs for the next 2 weeks, so be sure to set aside some time to come down and take a walk through the sim - you will... Continue Reading →

Have you played at the Wash today?

We survived another week, folks, and a glorious weekend is just around the corner as most of us wrap up the last few loose ends of our work week over the next few hours. Weekends are made for kicking back, having fun, indulging yourself a little bit to help recharge your batteries before jumping back... Continue Reading →

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