Monday Madness at The Wash!

Everyone hates Mondays! The weekend is over, time to go back to work and saddle up for another stretch of deadlines, meetings and stress. Well, we got your cure right here - the Sizzling Summer Cart Sale event going on at The Wash! The sim is chock full of all the components you need to... Continue Reading →

We’re halfway to the Weekend!

What better way to celebrate surviving the first half of the week than a trip to the Cart Sale for the Spring has Sprung round? I know, I know - usually retail therapy is saved for the weekend, but it might be just the boost you need to make it to Friday with a smile... Continue Reading →

Joy to the World!

The Winter Wonderland Cart Sale is in full swing!  YAY!  We have some amazing items out in this round; fantastic deals to be had on alllllll kinds of holiday goodies to bring a little extra cheer to the season.   Best of all? Everything is on one place, making for some of the best one-stop... Continue Reading →

Happy Friday!

The weekend is here! A chance to relax a bit, sleep in, indulge in some me-time - and what better way to do that than to come visit the Cart Sale? (Ok - not so much the sleep in part, you won't have any luck finding a spot to sleep at the sale.)  We have... Continue Reading →

Sunny Side Up is happening now!

We're back with another peek at the pretties you can find at the Sunny Side Up Cart Sale currently happening at The Wash. This round of the event runs for the next 2 weeks, so be sure to set aside some time to come down and take a walk through the sim - you will... Continue Reading →

Half Time at the Cart Sale!

We are nearing the halfway point for this round of Cart Sale here at The Wash, and we've got another sneak peek at some of the goodies you can find in case you haven't yet visited the event. I say this every time I write a post, but it holds true regardless - you will... Continue Reading →

Good Morning, Early Birds!

Good morning, early birds! Or at least it will be morning when the sun comes up. It is, however, the weekend - 2 days off from the normal 9-5 grind. Its the perfect time to pop over to the Wash and check out the Springtalicious Cart Sale! Whether you are looking for a pretty little... Continue Reading →

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