It’s Just A Saturday Night…

Its the weekend, and weekends were made for swap meets! If you haven't been already, The Wash is hosting a Retro Swap Meet, with booths set up for over 30 awesome designers across the sim. The theme is simple - anything from the 20's to the 80's is fair game! We've been showcasing some of... Continue Reading →


Its the weekend!! Dig out your mad money stash and head over to The Wash for some fantastic deals at the Cart Sale Event. We've got clothes, shoes, hair, accesories, build items, textures, houses, decor - just about anything you might be looking for - and the best part? All these goodies are yours for... Continue Reading →

More from Cart Sale!

The Cart Sale event is hoppin' and the sim had a quick restart this morning, so lag is a minimum - its a great time to head on over and check out the 120+ designers taking part in this event! Xtreme Designs makes fantastic and fantastical tip jars and their selection for the Cart Sale... Continue Reading →

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