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Last minute goodies!


Woo Hoo! I thought I was out of new stuff to share from the Spring has Sprung! edition of the Cart Sale, then manna fell from heaven in the form of goodies from Moondust. Here is a little peek at what you can find on their kiosk – but if you see something you like, better head over soon because we are in the last week of the event for this round.

Spring Has Sprung Cart Sale Info
Dates: March 20th to April 10th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!



Kiosk Location: Moondust

Happy Holidays to All!


Only a few more days until Christmas, and the Winter Wonderland Cart Sale event at the Wash is in full swing!  The elves have been busy, transforming the sim into a wintry delight filled with cart after cart of holiday goodies for you discriminating shoppers out there.  There is a little dusting of snow on the ground, like icing on the cake, making your stroll through the event truly feel festive.

We have been showcasing select items from the event over the last week, since the event opened, and we have one more peek to entice you before RL chaos takes over with family descending, gatherings to attend and excessive amounts of egg nog to consume (yes, stellar egg nog is the key to successful RL family holidays!) while spreading holiday cheer.

The event runs until January 2nd, so if you are pressed for time due to the holidays, you will still have a little breathing space after Christmas to get out to the Wash and indulge yourself in some special goodies.  For this round, designers were allowed a single special 50L item, with everything else priced at 10L as usual for the Cart Sale events.

On a personal note, we are wrapping up another successful year of Cart Sale events and we’ve had a blast putting them together for you.  The continued success of these events over the years has been a combination of wonderful designers who participate in each round and our loyal shoppers who come back time and again to share the event with us.  The success of the Cart Sales would not be possible without all of you. On behalf of Grace and myself, we wish all of you happy holidays however you choose to enjoy them and we look forward to bringing you another year of fantastic sales and deals in 2019.

Winter Wonderland Cart Sale Info
Dates: December 12th to January 2nd
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!


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