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10L Madness!


These days, you can’t even buy a decent cup of coffee for a buck.  That same buck, however, is about 212 lindens…or 21 items from this round of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale.  Is that a deal or what?  Where else can you pretty much gain an entire summer wardrobe AND redecorate your house with a lovely seasonal look for less than a cup of coffee?  Whether you are an avid bargain shopper, a savvy fashionista, or just a plain every day tightwad, we have something to tickle your fancy!

The Bi-Annual Cart Sale event runs from now until July 6th and hosts almost 90 designers for this round.  The designers have outdone themselves with some really fabulous items, so be sure to come down and spend some time checking out all the street carts.  Hope to see you there!

Event Dates: June 15 – July 6
Your ride to the Cart Sale: Here
List of Participating Merchants: Here