The Sunny Side of Shopping @ The Wash

Imagine the perfect summer day: the sun is shining warmly down on you, the scent of ocean water is in the air,  the sound of the waves lapping gently ashore mimics your heartbeat, and you can feel the crystalline white sand between your toes....then there on the horizon, just over the next beach dune -... Continue Reading →

Have you played at the Wash today?

We survived another week, folks, and a glorious weekend is just around the corner as most of us wrap up the last few loose ends of our work week over the next few hours. Weekends are made for kicking back, having fun, indulging yourself a little bit to help recharge your batteries before jumping back... Continue Reading →

Endless Summer Nights

Ok, maybe not endless - but it is the middle of the night right now, a perfect time to indulge your inner shopaholic with a clandestine date at the Cart Sale.  The Wash never closes and the deals never stop - at least not until July 5th!  We have over 65 fabulous stores participating in... Continue Reading →

Happy Weekend!

It's a beautiful day in the Wash neighborhood! The Springtalicious Cart Sale is in full swing - chock full of seasonal pieces to spruce up your wardrobe or living space. Think light colors, floral prints, green growing things. There are around 60 merchants taking part in this round, so there is plenty to see and... Continue Reading →

Dashing through the snow…

...on your way to score awesome deals at the Winter Cart Sale!  (Disclaimer: Running in snow is dangerous - if you slip and fall, people will giggle at you, so we recommend a sedate walk for safety's sake.)  We are close enough to the holidays that throwing a stick probably would hit an elf, so... Continue Reading →

Indian Summer Indulgence

Indian summer is the perfect time of year for mixing up those light, floaty summer dresses and tops with lightweight cardigans, favorite broken-in jeans, comfortable shorts, in ways that let you extend the carefree look of summer a little longer before surrendering to fall's cozier dressing. Bohemian styles abound and the best color palettes are... Continue Reading →

Ready for More Cart Sale?

The workday is done for now so its time to kick back a bit and relax. Retail therapy is my personal relaxation technique of choice (especially when it includes shoes), and for those who share my tastes, the Bi-Annual Cart Sale is just the ticket. You will find tons of stuff at super cheap prices... Continue Reading →

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