Ready for More Cart Sale?

The workday is done for now so its time to kick back a bit and relax. Retail therapy is my personal relaxation technique of choice (especially when it includes shoes), and for those who share my tastes, the Bi-Annual Cart Sale is just the ticket. You will find tons of stuff at super cheap prices... Continue Reading →

“Spring Freshness” Is In Full Bloom

We're at the halfway point of the current round of the Cart Sale event hosted by the Wash and the cavalcade of fabulous spring items continues!  We always have great stuff for the ladies and your homes, but I was pleasantly surprised this round to see so many more items for you guys out there. ... Continue Reading →

Get Yer Holiday on at The Wash!

Hard to believe we're half through the last month of 2015 already! This past year has gone by so quickly in a blur of hunts, sales, events and various other Second Life social activities...but...we've saved the best for last! The Cart Sale is in full swing at the Wash from now until January 6th which... Continue Reading →

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