Watch more SLunsets than Netflix!

Ok, ok, ok - it's not a very punny title..but it got you looking at this post! =) And, just in case you didn't know...SL does have some of the prettiest illusionary sunsets out there, especially when you can tinker with your windlight settings to make it absolutely perfect every single time..~LOL~ Right now, though,... Continue Reading →

Its a new week at The Wash!

Hope everyone is doing well - I've been remiss in getting my posts online, but tonight the internet gods have been kind and I've got another look at some amazing Cart Sale items you can find at the March round happening at The Wash. The event is just over halfway finished, so if you haven't... Continue Reading →

Golden Days at The Wash

“She loved the fall, all the sun-faded colors of summer repainted by vivid reds and golds still clinging fragilely to branches that would soon be covered with snow." - Naomi Ragen, The Tenth Song. If you love Fall as much as we love Fall, then the Crisp N Cool Cart Sale is your kind of... Continue Reading →

Monday Madness at The Wash!

Everyone hates Mondays! The weekend is over, time to go back to work and saddle up for another stretch of deadlines, meetings and stress. Well, we got your cure right here - the Sizzling Summer Cart Sale event going on at The Wash! The sim is chock full of all the components you need to... Continue Reading →

Good Morning!

Hope you had a great weekend! Its early morning here, and while I wait for the coffee to finish brewing and breakfast to finish baking, I thought I would bring another peek at the current Bi-Annual Cart Sale goodies for my fellow early birds.  What a great way to kick off a new week: hot... Continue Reading →

The Sunny Side of Shopping @ The Wash

Imagine the perfect summer day: the sun is shining warmly down on you, the scent of ocean water is in the air,  the sound of the waves lapping gently ashore mimics your heartbeat, and you can feel the crystalline white sand between your toes....then there on the horizon, just over the next beach dune -... Continue Reading →

Carts and Sales and Great Stuff, Oh My!

Good morning Early Birds! Its a beautiful, sunshine-filled day here at the Wash, making it perfect weather to come stroll our streets and check out the Cart Sale event currently going on. That's right - the normally quiet streets are filled with booth from around 60 merchants this time out, each bringing you the best... Continue Reading →

Cart Sale is in full swing!

Where can you find everything from the sexiest (and cutest!) halloween costume to perfect autumnal decor items to sleek and elegant fall fashion?  Right here at the 10th Anniversary of the Wash's Cart Sale Event.  The streets are filled with cart after cart of amazing deals and gifts, so give yourself some time to come... Continue Reading →

Make your summer too hot to handle!

My folder of must-haves from the current summer edition of the Cart Sale is absolutely overflowing, so here is another peek at some of the great stuff available this round.  My photos for the blog are segregated into the contents of each store's blog pack, but there have been lots of pieces to mix and... Continue Reading →

Happy Weekend!

It's a beautiful day in the Wash neighborhood! The Springtalicious Cart Sale is in full swing - chock full of seasonal pieces to spruce up your wardrobe or living space. Think light colors, floral prints, green growing things. There are around 60 merchants taking part in this round, so there is plenty to see and... Continue Reading →

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