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It’s beginning to look like a Cart Sale Christmas!


At least it is in my house – boxes and boxes of Cart Sale goodies abound, and its feeling very festive as I get to unpack each blog pack and see what is inside.  Every Cart Sale, I ramble on and on about how nice the items are and what good deals they are, but this round is really pretty amazing.  The designers were given free rein, no theme for this round even though many were anticipating a holiday theme, and they have done a wonderful job.  There are a lot of holiday inspired items but there are also a lot of versatile items that could be worn or used year round, which really makes them an even better bargain when you consider the low cost of 10L.  For me, that is the mark of a truly worthwhile item – something that can be used in many ways and with many things rather than being a niche item you can only use once or twice a year.  (Christmas is the exception – I am a sucker for Christmas home decor!) Inventory space is precious as any hardcore SL shopper knows, and the items that I keep have to be exceptional to earn a place – which means that yes, Cart Sale destroys my inventory, but is one of those guilty pleasures no true shopaholic should miss out on.  =)

Hope to see you here!

Your ride to the Cart Sale: The Wash
List of Participating Merchants: Here