In case you hadn't guessed from previous posts over the years, I live in Florida. The Sunshine State. Where you can count on this time of year including a thunderstorm and/or rainstorm every afternoon around the same time during our rainy season. Not exactly my idea of summer weather, but hey - considering the gorgeous... Continue Reading →

10 Years of Great Deals at the Cart Sale!

We're still in the early days of celebration, and I just can't help it - I have too many fantastic things to share to pace myself with posts. So here is another look at some of what you can find at this round of the Cart sale at the Wash. This is our first time... Continue Reading →

Soak up the sun at the Wash!

Its the weekend and the Cart Sale is in full swing over at the Wash! This round of Cart Sale is a lot of fun - there was no specific theme, so the designers had free reign over whatever they made for the event and most of them went with a summer vibe. Think bright... Continue Reading →

Sunday at The Wash

Its been a lovely low-key Sunday, spent taking a few more shots of pretties from the Springtalicious Cart Sale and battling to make room in my inventory for more stuff. The good kind of Sunday, where you can almost forget that tomorrow it's back to the usual workweek grind. If you, like me, find that... Continue Reading →

On the First Day of Christmas…

...my true love gave to me - something pretty from the December Cart Sale!!  Ok, ok - I will admit to hijacking a christmas song or two this season, but the fact remains that this round of Cart Sale is overflowing with some really gorgeous (and giftable!) items.  If the super deals are not enough... Continue Reading →

We’ve Got Stuff!

...But not a whole lot of nonsense going on at the Indian Summer Cart Sale Event! There is a boho vibe pervading the Wash these days as we celebrate the last few days of summer before heading whole-heartedly into fall. Our group of designers have pulled together a wonderful selection of items to help you... Continue Reading →

Midnight Shoppers!

Ok, in the interest of tranparency, it is midnight for me as I post this, but might not be for you as you read it.  =) Short and sweet - in case you missed it, the Bi-Annual Cart Sale is in full swing from now until July 6th at the Wash! Lots of stuff from... Continue Reading →

Sunday Shoppers: Get Your Cart Sale On!

The weekend is here, but the deals have not let up at the Wash! "Spring Freshness" Cart Sale is happening right now and the designers have filled the streets with all kinds of special goodies to celebrate the end of winter. If you are looking for something bright, something pretty, something to add a little... Continue Reading →

How far can 10L take you?

All the way to gorgeous and beyond!  We have roughly 80 of the best designers in SL participating in this round of the Wash's Cart Sale and that translates to fantastic deals on pretty much anything and everything your little heart could desire for this holiday season.  This is the last Wash event before the... Continue Reading →

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