Pretty in Pink

Fun Fact: There are more fake flamingos in the world than actual, real flamingos! What's not fake are the deals you can find at this round of the Cart Sale happening at The Wash right now. The Sun-Sational Summer theme has brought out some amazing creations from our participating merchants that you absolutely cannot afford... Continue Reading →

Have You Heard? Cart Sale Started!

The sun has set on this round of the Cart Sale's opening day.  I was down on the sim a few minutes ago and just about every designer has finished setting up and boy - there are some amazing things to be found! The March round is unthemed, which means A) the designers have been... Continue Reading →

Fall at The Wash

Autumn is the transitional season that eases us from the hot, scorching dog days of summer into the icy embrace of winter's solitude. This time of year is filled with crisp golden afternoons, the scent and sight of changing leaves, and the first cool hint of frost in the evening air. Think sweaters, scarves, fresh... Continue Reading →

Last Call for a Sizzling Summer!

Welcome to the final post for this round of Sizzling Summer Cart Sale! That's right, folks, we're entering the last 24 hours or so of the event, so I thought I'd close out the round with a peek at some of the goodies I picked up for myself - stuff that hasn't been blogged already.... Continue Reading →

Dashing through the SL Snow…

...on my way to the Winter Wonderland at The Wash!  There is so much going on in SL right now, its insane - between events, shopping specials, advents and all the club activities for the holidays, it is almost more restful to stay in RL!  One thing you can count on, though, among all the... Continue Reading →

One more peek!

Just when you thought it was safe, I found a few more items rattling around in my blogger's sack of goodies.  There are only 6 more days to get down to The Wash and check out all the fabulous items available during this round of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale event.  I've been posting since the... Continue Reading →

Its Always Sunny at The Wash

The weekend is here! Hooray! Hopefully you are lucky like me and have a couple days off from the real world where you can kick back and spend a little quality time in SL. The Sunny Side Up Cart Sale is in full swing at The Wash, and its a great way to invest some... Continue Reading →

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