One More Day…

We're just about at the finish line, folks…the final 24 hours of the last Cart Sale event is upon us. I've written this post multiple times and keep editing it because it gets too sentimental. For many people, The Wash's Cart Sales have been an integral piece of the fabric of their SL lives. The... Continue Reading →

Tick Tock, Tick Tock…

Time is winding down for the last ever round of The Wash's Cart Sale events. That's right, folks - we have 7 days left before this final round ends and we bid a fond farewell to this iconic event. Before time runs out, however, the streets of The Wash are filled with kiosks, deals, and... Continue Reading →

Slip Slidin’ Away…Almost

The weekend is fast approaching and with it the halfway point in this final round of the Cart Sale event at The Wash! Time is passing pretty quickly of late and you don't want to miss out if you haven't visited the sale yet this month. This has been a fun round, the designers have... Continue Reading →

Happy Humpday!

Not the most elegant of titles, but we're halfway to the weekend and what the heck - a little cheeky never killed anyone. =) Fun fact about the Cart Sale event - we were the first 10L sale in Second Life way back when, and we were one of the first to consolidate all the... Continue Reading →

Cart Sale Cuteness

Ok, so "cuteness" isn't usually high on my list of things, but it really fits this round of Cart Sale. With the switch from winter vibes to spring vibes, all the designers taking part in this final round have really embraced the them of "Let Your Soul Bloom" and filled the streets of The Wash... Continue Reading →

Spring is in the Air!

Its the start of a new week and it looks like it's going to be a hopping week in SL! Lots of events going on, lots of sales, lots to do…but…the best sale right now can be found at The Wash! The March round of the Cart Sale event is in full swing and there... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Kind of Love

The weekend is winding down, but the deals at the Cart Sale "Make Your Soul Bloom" round are in full swing. We have a terrific group of stores participating this round and everything is 50L or under. This is a fantastic opportunity to try out a new store or stock up on some new spring... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night’s Alright

Happy Weekend! Its Saturday night and if you're stuck home, what better time to head over to The Wash and check out the fabulous Cart Sale event? There are kiosks from all kinds of designers lining the streets, each loaded with gorgeous bits and bobs to spruce up your spring wardrobe or home decor, with... Continue Reading →

New Week, New Deals!

Cart Sale is happening right now at The Wash, and if you need a little something to perk up another blah Monday, we've got just the ticket! The streets are lined with kiosks filled with a gorgeous spring collection of items for your home and wardrobe. With prices at 50L and under, this is a... Continue Reading →

Come Get Your Deal On!

In case you missed it yesterday (not hard to do while wearing your St. Patrick's day green beer goggles!), the newest round of the Cart Sale at The Wash is open! The streets are lined with deals and this is kind of a special round - after 14 years of being a cornerstone in SL... Continue Reading →

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