In case you hadn't guessed from previous posts over the years, I live in Florida. The Sunshine State. Where you can count on this time of year including a thunderstorm and/or rainstorm every afternoon around the same time during our rainy season. Not exactly my idea of summer weather, but hey - considering the gorgeous... Continue Reading →

Hello Spring!

This is a beautiful time of year when the cold, bleak final days of winter are finally melting into bright, sun-filled days, balmy weather, and a sense of renewal as the natural world around us begins to bloom again. What better time to hold the Cart Sale's "Spring has Sprung!" event that right now, as... Continue Reading →

Baby, its cold outside!

Wintry evenings are upon us, and that makes it the perfect time to curl up with a hot mug of cocoa, maybe a cookie or two, and treat yourself to some holiday shopping in SL (which is a bonus all its own - no parking issues, no slippery sidewalks, no crowded malls!). The Winter Wonderland... Continue Reading →

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