Lazy Weekend

Happy Saturday, folks! Hope you are fortunate enough to have the day off and be able to spend it enjoying the last few days of summer.  Here at the Bi-Annual Cart Sale, it may be the weekend, but the deals have not slowed down in the slightest! Each time I make one of these posts,... Continue Reading →

Sales, Sales, Sales!

What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear "Sunny Side Up"? For me, it conjures images of bright, sunny days...summertime at the beach....and yes, maybe possibly it makes me hungry too, thinking about breakfast. Right now, though, Sunny Side Up is the current round of the Cart Sale and it means... Continue Reading →

Carts and Sales and Great Stuff, Oh My!

Good morning Early Birds! Its a beautiful, sunshine-filled day here at the Wash, making it perfect weather to come stroll our streets and check out the Cart Sale event currently going on. That's right - the normally quiet streets are filled with booth from around 60 merchants this time out, each bringing you the best... Continue Reading →

Soak up the sun at the Wash!

Its the weekend and the Cart Sale is in full swing over at the Wash! This round of Cart Sale is a lot of fun - there was no specific theme, so the designers had free reign over whatever they made for the event and most of them went with a summer vibe. Think bright... Continue Reading →

We’ve Got Stuff!

...But not a whole lot of nonsense going on at the Indian Summer Cart Sale Event! There is a boho vibe pervading the Wash these days as we celebrate the last few days of summer before heading whole-heartedly into fall. Our group of designers have pulled together a wonderful selection of items to help you... Continue Reading →

Cure your Closet Blues!

Its a universal problem faced by people everywhere: A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Well, hold onto your hats, folks - we have finally found the cure for Closet Blues Syndrome! Come on down to the Bi-Annual Cart Sale going on at the Wash and get yourself a dose of new duds,... Continue Reading →

“Spring Freshness” @ The Wash!

We're almost a week in for this latest round of the Cart Sale, and things are going great!  The designers have done a fantastic job with the theme of "Spring Freshness", filling the streets of the Wash with all sorts of stuff guaranteed to make your SL just a little bit better.  We have all... Continue Reading →

Double Shot!!

Its been one of those days where every time I think I can catch my breath and get a post up, something else comes along that demands my attention "Right now!" - so you lucky blog readers get to reap the benefit of my hectic day: a double shot, double long post to make up... Continue Reading →

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