Humpday at the Oasis

We're halfway to the weekend and a little side trip to the Oasis Cart Sale is just what you need to get through the rest of the week. Aside from all the fantastic deals being offered in the Sale itself, the sim has a ton of stuff to do if you are just looking to... Continue Reading →

Surfin’ Safari…

The weekend is here and the Party is still going non-stop! Throw on your favorite summertime outfit and come join the fun. We have a little bit of everything that makes the beach so much fun - sun, sand, beach balls, bikinis and more deals on great items than you can kick sand at! Most... Continue Reading →

Another Saturday Peek…

Day 4 of the Cart Sale and we are thrilled to bring you a peek at 4 more of the great designers who are taking part in the event which is running until March 22. SD Wears has an eclectic mix of goodies, including a funky pair of patchwork boots and a gorgeous gown in... Continue Reading →

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