Happy Humpday!

Not the most elegant of titles, but we're halfway to the weekend and what the heck - a little cheeky never killed anyone. =) Fun fact about the Cart Sale event - we were the first 10L sale in Second Life way back when, and we were one of the first to consolidate all the... Continue Reading →

The lazy days of summer are at your fingertips…

...during the summer edition of the Cart Sale! I've come to the bottom of my sack o' stuff to share with you here on the blog for this round of the Cart Sale, so this will be my last post until next time. However...the sale is still going strong until July 5th, which means 4... Continue Reading →

Spring is in the Air @ The Wash!

I had intended to post this a few hours ago but apparently my sleep schedule was not onboard and my brain insisted on naptime. Silly brain - doesn't it know there is shopping to be done and deals to find? Now that the brain has been refreshed and the shopaholic genes are back in control... Continue Reading →

More Cart Sale Deals!

Just when you thought it was safe...we're back with another look at some of the fabulous things you can find at the current Cart Sale event going on at the Wash! "Spring Freshness" is overflowing, filling the sim with all kinds of bright colors, fresh prints, and unique items to add a boost to your... Continue Reading →

Doubleshot of Wash goodies!

Great googly-moogly, have we got stuff for you to check out!  I try to get out smaller posts a couple times a day during the BiAnnual Wash Sale event, but real life unfortunately doesn't always allow for that...such as a day like today...so, to make up for it, I've got a ginormous post for your... Continue Reading →

No need for Monday Blues…

...the Cart Sale at The Wash is still going strong! To kick off the weekly grind on a high note, we have a few more items from the Cart Sale for your viewing pleasure. The Cart Sale isn't just clothing and accessories, there are quite a few places with furniture, home decor, amazing tip jars,... Continue Reading →

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