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One more peek!


Just when you thought it was safe, I found a few more items rattling around in my blogger’s sack of goodies.  There are only 6 more days to get down to The Wash and check out all the fabulous items available during this round of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale event.  I’ve been posting since the event opened on August 22nd, and believe it or not – there is still a TON of stuff you can find that we haven’t showcased here in the Wash blog.  The only way to see everything is to get your butts down to the event and take a stroll through the kiosk-lined streets.

Also, in case your inner shopping demon isn’t satisfied with all these amazing Cart Sale deals, don’t forget there is the Treasure Trove gacha yardsale (I was there myself last night, and there are some really cute items up for grabs!) and The Wash’s home team of designers who keep shops on sim year round. Some of them are holding special Cart Sale sales within their stores, as well as the kiosks for the main event.

The clock is ticking on these deals, folks, hope to see you at the Cart Sale!

Cart Sale Info
Dates: August 22nd to September 5th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!






Shae’s Designs



Tool Shed
Lyrical Bizarre
Oh Pair

10 Years of Cart Sale


We are almost a week into the special 10th Anniversary round of the Cart sale at the Wash – have you been yet? This is definitely not a round you want to miss – in addition to the usual fantabulous sales ( most kiosk items are priced at 10L a pop, with a few special items tossed in at 50L), the designers taking part in our celebration have decided to spoil you shoppers rotten. There are gifts to be found all over the sim (look for the lovely little green gift boxes on the kiosks and in the laundromat) and the Cart Sale has branched out into gachas for the first time.  That’s right – the Gacha Laundromat is open for business!  Follow the neon arrows embedded in the street or grab a tp (look for the sandwich board signs and balloons) to check it out. All pulls are under 50L, so if you feel lucky, there is no telling what you might score.

The event runs until the end of the month, so you still have a couple weeks to come help us celebrate.  Its not every year that the Cart Sale turns 10!

Cart Sale Info
Dates: Oct 11th to Nov 1st
Where: The Wash
List of participating merchants/direct Slurls: Here

Happy shopping!