Monday Blues

Ok, my lovely Wash bargain shoppers - we've come to the end of the Cart Sale Event showcase for this round, but just because we are out of pictures to share does not mean there isn't plenty still to see and explore! The sale runs until October 8th and its my understanding that some of... Continue Reading →

Halfway there!

The weekend might be over, but the deals are still going strong at the Wash's Oasis Cart Sale event. We're about at the halfway point, so if you haven't made it down yet, don't put it off too much longer. As with all Cart Sale events, items are priced at 10L or under and there... Continue Reading →

Spend, Spend Spend!

And save, save, save! Designer items. Rock bottom prices. Exclusives available for this event before everyone can get them in the stores. Special items that are for this event only, never to be seen again. And all for the low, low price of only 10L. How much more perfect can an event be? We've got... Continue Reading →

More Cart Sale Steals!

The Wash is hopping with Cart Sale goodness for the next couple weeks!  We've already shown you a tons of great deals, and there is so much more waiting for you to find.  Everything in the event is 10L or under.  Here is another peek at some of the great deals available this time around,... Continue Reading →

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Its Saturday, the beach is only a teleport away, there is a 2-week Beach Party going on and you are invited! What more could you want as The Wash celebrates summer? We have 66 of SL's best designers in SL practically giving away the hottest summer outfits, beach gear and so much more! Whether you... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night at the Cart Sale!

We're halfway through the weekend and the deals are still going fast and furious at the Cart Sale currently taking place at The Wash sim. There are carts everywhere, loaded with goodies from designers from all across SL. Everything is 10L or under and many carts have special freebies, dollarbies, or Cart Sale exclusives you... Continue Reading →

Living in Black and White…

Closing out the weekend, we have one more look at some of the Black Event designers before we head into the new week. Showcased tonight is Dark Water Designs, Ear Candy, External Appearance Shapes and Wee Ones. Once again, the designers have done a great job in translating the theme of "black" into various delectable... Continue Reading →

Neverwas Is Event has begun!

There is a definite tingling sensation in the air at The Wash these days - the beginning of the Neverwas Is Event has crept into the sim and magic is blooming everywhere you look! The Neverwas Is will be taking place from November 9 to November 23, sponsored by Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy), and this... Continue Reading →

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