We’re dancing in the streets…

...as we get our summer vibe on at the Wash!  There are over 65 merchants involved in this round of the Cart Sale Event, and the streets are packed with steals, deals and all kinds of good stuff just waiting for you!  There is no other event in SL that offers this much diversity in... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Shopping Bliss @ the Springtalicious Cart Sale!

We are almost at the half way point for this round of Cart Sale, and if you haven't made a trip there yet - you are missing out on some good stuff! This round has been given the whimsical name of the "Springtalicious Cart Sale", and the designers are more than living up to the... Continue Reading →

Looking for a good time?

What's better than your birthday, Christmas and Black Friday all rolled up in one? The Indian Summer Cart Sale going on right now at the Wash! The streets of the sim have been filled to overflowing with all kinds of deals to help you say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. There is a... Continue Reading →

Monday, Monday…

The weekend is over all too quickly and its back to business as usual for us here at the Wash.  With the Bi-Annual Cart Sale in full swing, that means I have more great stuff to share with you! Considering that it is a Monday morning and you all know the drill by now about... Continue Reading →

Double Shot!!

Its been one of those days where every time I think I can catch my breath and get a post up, something else comes along that demands my attention "Right now!" - so you lucky blog readers get to reap the benefit of my hectic day: a double shot, double long post to make up... Continue Reading →

You want it? We got it!

I am coming up on my 180th blog post for the Wash events in the not too distant future, and the BiAnnual Wash Sale remains one of my favorite events in SL.  Pulling together over 70 merchants and getting things coordinated and running smoothly is no easy task and takes a lot of behind the... Continue Reading →

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