Double Shot!!

Its been one of those days where every time I think I can catch my breath and get a post up, something else comes along that demands my attention "Right now!" - so you lucky blog readers get to reap the benefit of my hectic day: a double shot, double long post to make up... Continue Reading →

Weekend at The Wash

The weekend is here and that means time to relax from your usual hectic weekly schedule and settle in for some quality you time. What better way to recharge yourself so you can face the coming week than to indulge in a little retail therapy? We have all kinds of goodies on sale right now... Continue Reading →

Set your inner shopper free!

We’re back again with another look at some of the fabulous things you can score at the Heat Wave Cart Sale event going on at The Wash! You know the drill by now: most items are 10L, a few special items are 50L, and all of them are things that will spruce up your Second... Continue Reading →

Monday Blues

Ok, my lovely Wash bargain shoppers - we've come to the end of the Cart Sale Event showcase for this round, but just because we are out of pictures to share does not mean there isn't plenty still to see and explore! The sale runs until October 8th and its my understanding that some of... Continue Reading →

Oasis Road

The weekend is here, making it the perfect time to kick back and do a little retail therapy for the soul. What better place to find the hottest deals in SL right now than at the Wash's Oasis Cart Sale? The sim has been filled with sand dunes, palm trees and cart after cart of... Continue Reading →

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