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Support Your Local Dive Bar
Support Your Local Dive Bar

The Wash

Walk, drive or fly across the bridge to the north to find Hell Bop Bar, SL’s first Psychobilly “dive bar.” Like it’s counterpart in Car Wash, Hell Bop Bar has it’s own unique music stream featuring Psychobilly, Rockabilly and Punk music. This is also the place for special live performances and DJ appearances.

Visitors can play the popular word game “Scramble,” risk their virtual necks on the mechanical bull, dance to the righteous tunes, play darts or belly up to the bar for conversation. There are no official hosts at the bar but you will discover that Hell Bop is the meeting place for a lot of very friendly people. Prepare to be greeted warmly (and often) when a crowd gathers there. Make yourself at home; many of us have.

There are shopping opportunities here as well. Nestled directly next to the bar is Hell Bop Clothing. Pick up an item or two while you’re there and “support your local dive bar” even when you’re away.


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