Welcome to the official blog for The Wash sim in Second Life™. Here you will find information and highlights about All Things Wash including shopping news, event reviews, special features and previews of coming events

Support Your Local Dive Bar
Support Your Local Dive Bar -Hell Bop Bar @ The Wash, circa 2009

The Wash was opened by Floatie Hock over a decade ago as the home of the original Hell Bop Clothing store and Hell Bop Bar, SL’s first Psychobilly “dive bar”. Over time, the original vision for the sim developed and expanded, adding more stores and other venues to the sim, including an amusement park and home base for the Fab Free Blog.

Hell Bop Clothing and bar have both closed now, but their spirit lives on in The Wash sim. This beautiful venue hosts over 20 stores and the Fab Free headquarters as well as the Treasure Trove gacha yardsale.

The Cart Sale events have been an integral part of The Wash’s history since it opened. The original Cart Sale was literally just that – rows and rows of carts set up in the streets of The Wash, filled with 10L items.

The Treasure Trove gacha yardsale has been a fun addition to the sim, with booths and tables filled with all kinds of gacha items for the discerning shopper.

More than 10 years later, we are still here and still filling the streets several times a year during this event. Our “carts” have grown into kiosks and our prices have changed to keep up with the times, but the opportunity to shop and find amazing deals remains the same.

The Wash is committed to continuing our fine tradition of bringing exciting, lively stores and shopping events to the SL community and we hope you continue to join us for a long time to come.

The Wash
The Wash Sim, Home of the best Cart Sale in Second life, circa 2020

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