Winter Wonderland Cart Sale Dec. 2018 Official Application..


winter wonderland cart sale Dec 2018

Read whole note card before entering.

Info Required:


Store Name:

Do you make your own products?:

Landmark to main location:

Have you been in any of the a Wash sales before?

Winter Wonderland @ The Wash
December 12th 2018 to January 2nd 2019 (3 weeks)

*Have at least 2 brand new Items if not all new to sell. Not just
Old creations recolored. Blogger’s as well as shoppers do remember
what you had out in previous events.
*Only one person to display, no sharing even for business partners, each person needs their own display.
*You will be able to place 10 prims. (plus 10 prim for your logo and or decor)
*Items priced L$10 or less.
*Optional 1 50L special offer.
*Not textures from the template kit.
*No copyrighted images on anything.
*Must have at least 5 items for sale on your display
No ad/vendor textures bigger than 512×512
Only scripted object may be a “touch” lm giver OR a group inviter.
All objects must be on your display

To Be Considered For Event:
*You must have an in world main store.
*All items
*NO resell or BIAB items in store.
*NO affiliate Items.
*No gachas
*Template use is fine as long as you make YOUR OWN textures.
*There must be at least 25 items for sale in your store to considered for entry
*Your av must be at least one year of age.
*Deadline for application is December 7th 2018 or till no more spots are left.
Applications are to be sent to – Oniquee Tomorrow.

***Designers L$650 at time of approval.***
*Reserved locations at landmark
*(please ask if any are left before paying for these)

8 front ones L$1400 each
8 seconds ones L$1150 each

(When you receive your approval letter it is time to pay. If you are not already in group, now is the time you will be invited, not before)

*Tenants 6 months or longer on the Wash sim you will be able to place items on the display in front of your store or as close as I can reserve a display for you, for free. However, if you want a front location you will need to pay the correct adjusted fee.

Applications and entry fees are to be sent to – Oniquee Tomorrow.
Contact Grace Selene for Help or questions related to the event or Wash sim


One more peek!


Just when you thought it was safe, I found a few more items rattling around in my blogger’s sack of goodies.  There are only 6 more days to get down to The Wash and check out all the fabulous items available during this round of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale event.  I’ve been posting since the event opened on August 22nd, and believe it or not – there is still a TON of stuff you can find that we haven’t showcased here in the Wash blog.  The only way to see everything is to get your butts down to the event and take a stroll through the kiosk-lined streets.

Also, in case your inner shopping demon isn’t satisfied with all these amazing Cart Sale deals, don’t forget there is the Treasure Trove gacha yardsale (I was there myself last night, and there are some really cute items up for grabs!) and The Wash’s home team of designers who keep shops on sim year round. Some of them are holding special Cart Sale sales within their stores, as well as the kiosks for the main event.

The clock is ticking on these deals, folks, hope to see you at the Cart Sale!

Cart Sale Info
Dates: August 22nd to September 5th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!






Shae’s Designs



Tool Shed
Lyrical Bizarre
Oh Pair

Halftime at the Bi-Annual Cart Sale!


We are about halfway through this round of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale and if you haven’t visited yet – what are you waiting for?

The event is hosting 50+ designers from all across the grid and they have put together an huge array of items and turned The Wash into a veritable shopping bazaar of goodies.  Whatever it is you are looking for, chances are good you will find it here – not to mention a few things you didn’t know you needed! Everything this round is 10L, so if you see that perfect dress but can’t decide between colors – get them all, its still an amazing deal.

This round of the Cart Sale runs until September 5th, so you have one more week to get yourself the pretties before these insane prices are gone forever.  Hope to see you there!

Cart Sale Info
Dates: August 22nd to September 5th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!



Moonlitcat Creations



De’Fient Unicorn







More Cart Sale!


More stuff from the Bi-Annual Cart Sale! The fabulous designers participating in the Cart Sale have done a great job in bringing you tons of new items this year. At 10L for each item, Cart Sales are always THE best chances of the year to stock up on wardrobe essentials and splurge a little on some of your favorite designers.  You won’t find deals like this anywhere else in SL.

Its also a fantastic chance to try out designers who are new to you – for 10L, you can’t go wrong. If you don’t like something, it’s not a big loss and if you do – well, the little taste of goodness the Cart Sales provide is a wonderful enticement to check out the designers’ main stores or marketplace for more.  Additionally, if you are a gacha freak like me, there is the Treasure Trove gacha yardsale located at The Wash – as if you can’t find enough deals just with the Cart Sale merchants!

This is a short round, with the event running only until September 5th.  Hope to see you there!

Cart Sale Info
Dates: August 22nd to September 5th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!



Xclusive Animations



Brandy’s Boutique



Emerald Couture

Good Morning!


Hope you had a great weekend! Its early morning here, and while I wait for the coffee to finish brewing and breakfast to finish baking, I thought I would bring another peek at the current Bi-Annual Cart Sale goodies for my fellow early birds.  What a great way to kick off a new week: hot coffee, hot deals, and (if I am lucky and they haven’t eaten them all) a warm cinnamon roll.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet since Monday mornings are a busy time – but be sure to come by The Wash and check out the amazing items our designers have put together for this round.  We gave them full reign as far as a theme is concerned, so they have pulled together some great items whether you are living in an endless summer or starting to switch over your SL to cooler fall weather.

This round only lasts until September 5th and all items are the usual 10L.

Cart Sale Info
Dates: August 22nd to September 5th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!









Vicarious Youth


The weekend is coming to a close…


…but the Bi-Annual Cart Sale is still in full swing.  I took a tour through the streets of the Wash earlier today, just peeking around to see what I may have missed the first couple times (its different to wander just to see what there rather than walking through with a checklist gathering Slurls and checking kiosks!) and there are some really great items out this round.  I may or may not have picked up a few new things to add to what I planned to blog already! The sim has been busy all weekend, but the lag has been more than manageable even with the crowds, and it was really fun to just enjoy the event as a shopper instead of as a blogger.

The Cart Sale events run at various times throughout the year, and one of the things I like about this August-September slot is it’s timing. We’re just starting to see the indications of the seasons change from summer to fall and its kind of the “quiet lull” before things start gearing up for the holiday season.  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are crazy busy in RL and SL for most people, so this gives the Cart Sale a last hurrah kind of vibe as we say goodbye to a long, lazy summer and welcome the cool, crisp fall.

As with all the Cart Sales, items are 10L each (no specially priced items this round) and the event will run through September 5th, so you still have plenty of time to come down and enjoy the sim and the great sales.

Cart Sale Info
Dates: August 22nd to September 5th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!



Tylar’s Treasures



Angelcat’s Fantasy




Sunday, Sunday


Dear Inventory,

It’s that time of year again, another Cart Sale is in full swing at the Wash.  I know I promised not to come home with tons of boxes and bags and overstuff you like I did last time, but…some promises are made to be broken.  I really can’t help myself, there are so many cute outfits, bits and pieces that will help finish off that empty space on the second floor of the house, and even a few items that my better half would love to have in his own closet.

I know you creak and groan every time I wedge another box into you, but I have faith that you will hold it together for just one more round of sales and deals.  (And if you finally do burst, I bet I can find a replacement for you at the Cart Sale for just 10L!)

All my love,

Shopaholic Shadowed

In all seriousness, folks, come on down to the Wash and check out the amazing things our merchants have put together for this round of the Bi-Annual Cart Sale.  There is a little bit of something for everyone and no telling what you might find that tickles your fancy.

Cart Sale Info
Dates: August 22nd to September 5th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!



Emerald Couture for Him