One More Day…

We’re just about at the finish line, folks…the final 24 hours of the last Cart Sale event is upon us. I’ve written this post multiple times and keep editing it because it gets too sentimental. For many people, The Wash’s Cart Sales have been an integral piece of the fabric of their SL lives. The event has been one of the longest continually running shopping events and we’ve seen dozens of stores come and go, we’ve developed a sense of family with those stores who came back round after round for years, and we’ve had the pleasure of bringing amazing deals to thousands of shoppers.

For me personally, Cart Sale was the first shopping, non-hunt event I felt confident enough to enter my store into – and yes, I was absolutely thrilled when I got accepted! Cart Sale was also the first non-hunt event I ever blogged and I had no idea that it would grow into what it did, becoming an actual paid blogging gig and behind-the-scenes type thing. I’ve met a lot of very talented people along the way and had opportunities open to me that might not have happened if not for my work with the Cart Sales event.

Seeing the event come to an end is bittersweet for me – it has been an utter privilege to work with Grace Selene and the Cart Sale family and to see so many of them grow and achieve things over the years and I hate to see that come to an end, but at the same time, nothing is static and it feels like this is the right time for the Cart Sale event to say goodbye and give us the chance to stretch our wings in other endeavors.

So here we are with my final post. You know the routine – we’re in the last 24 hours of the event, if you haven’t visited The Wash yet, its do or die time. We have a great collection of shops participating in this round and there are always lots of things that never make it into the blog, so you really don’t know what you might find until you get there and poke around.

Thank you, Grace and Floatie, for bringing me on board to blog for you for so many years, and thank you Cart Sale – its been a fantastic ride.

March 2021 Round Cart Sale Info
Participating Merchants: SLurls can be found here.
Dates: March 17th to April 7th
Where: The Wash



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