The Black Event Line Up


The wash does it again!

The Black Event
Sale and Hunt

Creators from all over Second Life have put out great items for sale for
10ls or less
3 Exclusive Items for 50ls
1 Free Item that you will have to hunt for the 8 ball for!

Come Join all the fun!


Sentou Yousei (battle fairy)   “Some like it dry, others like it on the rocks”
LUMINESSE “If you look real carefully at our cart, you might find our hunt prize.”
Cute & Dark Dolls “Look at my animal’s eyes”
Rispetto Designs & Amour Fashion


The Little Bat “It sticks out like a green thrumb”
!Kita’s Slideshow!
Lucifers Heart “Oh, is this a ticket Booth?”
Corrupted Innocence
Loordes of London ” on cart”
Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
DemotiK “Heights and Graffiti, gotta love it.”
Dark Water Designs “In plain sight.”


Fab-Fae “In the Heart of Fab Fae.”
:: MASH :: Fashion ::
The Dark Fae ” Everyone loves Slushies…right?”
Piddler’s Perch
FBD (FireBird Desings)
Love Zombie
K2K Headquarter
[[ Masoom ]]  
[[A.R.C.+F.N.]]  “Don’t be so big mouthed, and if you are, better show your teeth.”  
 Athy Designs Furniture
 Tree House Treasures
 Aeva // Heartsick
 House of Joi ” Watch out it does not get run over by a lunch truck.”
Style by Kira
.:Evilkyoot:. Designs ” on cart”
{Princess Oddities} “Blue Punch buggy, no punch backs.”  
Timeless Textures
~Mesh Glam~
KAD Designs
Bayview Market ” This 8 ball is 1 number above it.”
The Skin You’re In!
Wild Oats
Artic Storm “Look up, look down, but be sure to look around.”
External Appearances
Potpourri Design “I’m hiding behind a dumpster.”
Ear Candy

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