Kids’ Day At The Cart Sale!

One of the hardest things to find bloggage about seems to be the SL kids fashion industry. There are all kinds of baby, toddler and teen bodies out there, as well as stores catering to all that demographic’s needs, but not much mainstream blogging. This round, the Cart Sale has 2 stores offering kid items, so I thought I’d bring you a kid-friendly post just to highlight the fact that when we say there is something for everyone, we aren’t kidding! =)

The event runs through November 25th, so there is plenty of time to come down and check out the Cart Sale items, the Treasure Trove Gacha Yardsale, and the fabulous home team shops.

Hope to see you there and Happy Shopping!

November Round Cart Sale Info
Participating Merchants: SLurls can be found here.
Dates: November 4th to November 25th
Where: The Wash


Top Photo Info:

Shadow: Tweenster Body, Genus Baby Face head, Barberyumyum T02 hair

Wearing: Emerald’s Little Gems – Jany outfit in hot pink (Cart Sale item)

Scene: The Atlier Couture Pavilion- RARE
.dg. Mesh Awning
[DDD] Spring Poppies
DKD – French Pastry Wall Art
ionic : Cake display
[IK] The Bakery – Choco Biscuits, Choco Cupcakes, Rolls
maredinverno.tobias – Garden chair & table (color modded)


Emerald’s Little Gems

Vicarious Youth  - Ice Cream Run

Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Truth Montana/No Hat hair
Wearing: Vicarious Youth – Alexis Dress (Cart Sale item)
Pure Poison – Emma Boots

Kid: Tweenster Body, Genus Baby Face head, Barberyumyum P10 hair
Wearing: Vicarious Youth – Alexis Top & Skirt (Cart Sale item)
Vicarious Youth – Tintable Ballet Flats

Toddler: ToddleeDoo Kid Body, Laq Ivy head & skin, VCO Ruda hair
Wearing: Vicarious Youth – Nadia set (Cart Sale item)

Scene: K&S – Ice cream shop backdrop

Vicarious Youth

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