Another Week, Another Chance at Cart Sale

We’re heading into the second half of Cart Sale for this round, so if you’ve been putting it off, this is a great time to come down and see what’s going on before its too late. This round has about 50 participating stores who have put together a fantastic array of items which we’ve been showcasing since the event opened on November 4th. Would you believe we’ve only given a peek at about half of what you can find at the Cart Sale itself?

Everything at the event is 50L or under and these amazing deals end on November 25th, so don’t miss out!

Hope to see you there and Happy Shopping!

November Round Cart Sale Info
Participating Merchants: SLurls can be found here.
Dates: November 4th to November 25th
Where: The Wash


Top Photo Info:

Shadow: Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, *ARGRACE* Santa Hat/Miyuki (old group gift)

Wearing: Dixie Dandelion & Designs – Santa Baby, red (Cart Sale item)
Breathe -Laureline Heels, black

Scene: Dixie Dandelion & Designs – Karma Sign & Quarantine Christmas Chair (Cart Sale items)


Dixie Dandelion & Designs

XClusive Animations - A Moment in Time
Scene: X-Clusive Animations – Amorica Lovers Rock


X-Clusive Animations

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